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Contact Erdek Directly

The population of Erdek district, which was 28,294 in 1980, reached 30,072 in 1997. In 1980, 3.31% of the population of Balıkesir lived in Erdek, while this ratio was 2.92% in 1997. The fact that Marmara was a district played an important role in this proportional decrease. As a result of this development, the share of Erdek population in Balıkesir population decreased to 2.73% in 1990. According to the 2000 census, the population of Erdek district reached 32,042.

In 1980, while 35.7% of the population of Erdek district was urban and 64.3% of them were rural, in 2000 the urban population (18.725) increased to 58.4% of the total district population, and the share of rural population (13.317) decreased to 41.6%. These data show that the urban population increased significantly in 20 years. Considering the surface area of ​​258 km2, the population density increased from 117 people in 1997 to 124 people in 2000. Almost all of the people are based on the immigrants from Thessaloniki and Crete who came during the exchange.

Population structure of Erdek center; Local Greengrocers, Thessaloniki-Karacaovalı Pomaks, Bosnians, Cretans, Tikveşli Pomaks, Circassians, Romans, the subsequent Black Sea people. The quarries, Narlı, İlhanlar, Doğanlar, Turanlar villages are generally Pomak of Karacaova. In addition, a small number of Cretan immigrants were settled in the villages of Narlı and İlhanlar. The villages of Düzler, Yeniköy (belkıs), Yukarı constructor and Ballıpınar are Kavalalı Pomak. It is connected to the district center except the center as a district bound; It consists of 2 towns and 21 villages.


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