The Message of the President

The Message of the President

The excitement of the first continuous publication of the Erdek Chamber of Commerce and the pride of being the first female president of the Erdek Chamber of Commerce have once again strengthened the heartfelt dependence on this district. In the coming period, the goals we have set in line with my management and my work program together with my council are one of our primary duties that our vision and mission is to be felt clearly by contributing to the commercial life of the Erdek district where we live, with this period, which is our responsibility to grow and develop.

We are aware of the tasks that we undertake by the institution in line with the targeted structuring. As the Chamber, we will find our place in the commercial and social life of Erdek in time.

Erdek Chamber of Commerce, which I have been in since 1999, has determined a strategy where teamwork is at the forefront in terms of corporate governance and the stage has progressed in line with its targets until today. Including this period, it is an honor for me to carry the flag that I have received from my chairman and teammate for two terms with the same team spirit as in previous periods. In addition to being a first in my own name, this process was the first for the region and even for the unity of chambers on behalf of this period. Erdek is a first in Turkey chambers of commerce in general, I’m the only woman president of the chamber of commerce in the period.
While being a president as a woman does not make any difference except being a president on behalf of myself, I will live and learn with you the change that it will make in a man’s life. Turkey thinks that it is a privilege of being able leadership as a woman in accordance with the facts if we are to live in Erdek reinforces the likelihood of this first positive reflection of the influence of the same privileges. In order to increase the service quality of our room, firstly the Quality Management System has been working and it has received the quality certificate with the inspection made by Turkish Standards Institute. Again in 2012, TOBB Accreditation activities were initiated to improve the quality of service. The independent auditing firm Türk Loyd underwent development audits and made a significant progress in this process.

In the new management period, Erdek Chamber of Commerce embarked on an arduous path to raise its corporate structure to the level of competency in order to achieve the targets of its stakeholders by creating a Strategic Plan and implementing Strategic Management for the first time with the participation of its stakeholders within the scope of accreditation activities. In the following process, we will mobilize our energy to reach our Basic Strategic Objectives with the contribution and participation of all our members, local institutions and the leaders of our city. Our vision is to be a reliable and innovative institution which is exemplary of its corporate service infrastructure and service quality, whose membership is encouraging and privileged with its services that provide effective, efficient and definitive benefits in the development of tourism, agriculture and trade with environmental industry in the region in line with the strategic plan works that we continue to work as, our mission is to inform its members, to protect their rights and interests, to strengthen with regional, national and international competition, to improve the technical personnel infrastructure, to establish business contacts and relations, to take an active role in compliance with ethical rules in trade, to increase the variety of service and service quality and to be transparent, to promote the promotion and economy of our district, to contribute to the social, cultural and economic development of the region, preventive and cons match to be a leader institution mission and accept.

As Erdek chamber of commerce chairman, there is no doubt that; away, close to the impossible possible, dream come true, ” I do not promise to make, fast-growing regions of Turkey’s tourism history in the past the position to regain the lost time on these days, you need a commercial life momentum going and attractions to increase interest in the many great, dominating the region and members of direction which aims to be a provider, Turkey chambers and commodity exchanges union president Mr. M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu’s also adopted the 5 golden rules in trade and member işletmelerimiz de adopted as business ethics, ” relying on memory is always wrong, first check and then rely on, that does not increase the Increasing the teeth, the trick is honesty, work is not the management of the ” to contribute to our members of their development and work to overcome every obstacle in their business life and material and spiritual welfare in the short term with a perfect ” solution path ” they walk with us on this path In order to support them, we are committed to always stand by them, expand their horizons and realize common dreams for the future…


F. Özlem Sarı


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